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“How to Sell Your House for Top Dollar FAST”
This report could save you thousands of dollars, keep your sanity in tact and get the sale of your house behind you faster than you dreamed possible.

You are about to learn 20 things you should consider doing to your house before you put it on the market. You will learn at least 8 hidden cost of selling your house that listing agents may not tell you about. These hidden cost can add up to thousands of dollars. You will learn the 10 traps to avoid in selling your house yourself. Finally you are going to learn the best and fastest possible way to sell your house. You will learn what steps to take to sell your house for top dollar as fast as you can.

So you have decided to sell your house. Whether it’s the house you have been living in, a property you inherited, or an investment property you own, there are several decisions you will have to make before marketing you house.

  • Are you going to list the house with a Realtor?
  • Are you going to sell it yourself as a “For Sale by Owner”?
  • Are you going to get the property in shape or do you want to sell it as is?
  • If you fix the property up and do all needed repairs and updates can you get your money that you spent out of the property.
  • Is there anyone out there that will buy your house “as is”, and can they get financing to buy the house as it is if they want it?

8. Take a hard look at your bathrooms. You may need to replace toilets or at least toilet lids and seats.

9. Kitchens and baths sell houses so really pay attention here.

10. Look at your light fixtures. Many times we don’t look at these once we have lived in a place for a while but a new buyer does look.

11. Most houses should have their floor or ceiling registers replaced. This is the vent where the air and
heatenters the rooms.

12. The switches,
electricalsockets and plates should be white and new looking.

13. Most of the time the hardware on all of the interior and exterior doors need replacing including the hinges. 

14. If you are in a higher end neighborhood and your house is somewhat old you
maylooks at replacing flooring with the latest tile or hardwood style.

Of course your yard should look extremely kept. Make sure the driveway is edged, there are no bare spots in your grass, bushes are trimmed, etc. Pressure wash all concrete to put a new look on it.

In short the house needs to look good from the street. Un-kept yards, Bad roofs, faded exterior paint, old shutters, etc, can keep you from getting calls on your house.

17. Put scented plug-ins throughout the house so that it has a pleasing smell. I suggest vanilla. Many people are either allergic or simply don’t like floral smells.

18. Your house should be Q tip clean. Every surface,nook and cranny in the house should be clean enough to eat off of. Every bed should be made, all counters cleared, no stuff on the floors, and everything should be in its place. It should look perfectly kept.

19. Clear out furniture and stuff if you have rooms that look crowded. You want the house to look spacious. 

20. Take down and hide all family and personal photos. You want anyone that looks at your house to envision themselves in the house and photos of others
take away from this ability.

Most people have no idea about the expense of making a house marketable like a new home and in many cases that is what you are competing with so you must do what is necessary to sell it fast. Try to look at your house with a critical eye. We tend to become complacent to worn areas in our own homes especially.

“How to Sell Your House
for Top Dollar FAST”

1. Most houses that have been lived in at all need paint and carpet. Many high-end homes have more hardwoods and tile than carpet but usually, there is some carpet somewhere in the house. If your carpet is not really in good shape, just replace it and get it over with. You should use neutral colors such as light beige or even an off white depending on the neighborhood and room you are carpeting. In a family room you may get by with a light brown but be careful. Most buyers like light colors with their carpet.

2. Your paint should also be neutral. A light to medium beige or similar color on the walls with a bright white gloss on the trim and doors is the most desirable at this time. Ceilings should be bright flat white although in large homes with nine-foot ceilings or higher, many times the ceiling is painted the same color as the wall and the crown molding is still bright gloss white. Most of the time the white is a better idea if you have 8-foot ceilings. Avoid bright or loud colors on the walls for the most part. A nice burgundy in a dining room or a forest green in a master bedroom and sage green in a kitchen can be very tasteful but be careful here. You can’t offend anyone by going neutral and it’s just plain safe.

3. Your appliances should look brand spanking new. If you can’t make them look clean as a whistle you need to replace them. If you do replace them, do not remove the stickers from them. In other words, show that they are new. The stove should be a smooth top if it’s electric and a combination microwave/vent-a-hood should be above the stove top. No one wants a microwave taking up counter space anymore. In a high-end home, many times the microwave will be built into the cabinets somehow and that is fine.

4. Your cabinets should be in great shape. You may want to replace the hardware including the hinges on the cabinet doors. Various wood colors are making a come back with cabinets. If your kitchen is small, white cabinets or light colored wood such as most maple colors is perhaps a good bet.

5. Most kitchens need new counter tops.

6. Replace your sink with a new one and put in a very nice faucet set that anyone would want.

7. Pay attention to your backsplash behind the counter top. This can really make a difference in a kitchen.

Here is something you may not know. An inspector will always find something wrong with a house. I guess they feel it’s their duty. I have never seen an inspector not find something wrong. The more they find, the better they feel about the job they are doing. Keep in mind that they are really working for the buyer and not you. Many times the repairs can get up into the thousands of dollars. A very common thing to happen is for the inspector to note that your roof or air conditioner is working fine but it’s a bit old and the buyer will probably have to replace it relatively soon. This becomes a potential deal killer. You’re either going to pay more or tell the buyer to take a hike and potentially face the same problem with your next buyer.

Now let’s talk about holding cost. What if you are trying to sell your house and you are not living in it. Maybe you’ve already moved to a new house with a new payment or your investment property sits empty while you are trying to sell it. If you have a mortgage on this house does the payment go away? Certainly not! Does your Realtor feel your pain? Your Realtor probably has several properties listed. You are just another potential paycheck for them. Even if they are a good friend of yours, or you go to church together, will the realtor help you make your payments? If you find one that does, please send me their phone number. What if it takes 6 months to sell your house? Can you stand that kind of pain? 6 months is about the average time a house sits on the market in a lot of cases. If your house payment is $1,000.00 a month, you just lost $6000.00 to holding cost. Actually, you lost a lot more if you consider utility bills, maintenance on the house, and yard work, etc.

You’ll want to keep your house super clean if you list it.
Realtors will want to bring folks to your house at a moments notice and you’ll want to keep it super clean to make a good impression. A lot of Realtors will suggest you leave your own house if you’re still in it so that the potential buyer will feel more comfortable while they are looking at it. A lot of times the Realtor pulls up in your drive way and the buyer says they don’t like something about the house and they don’t even come in. You have either straightened up or left for nothing. Of course, if they do come in, they look through your closets and no telling what else. 

The average seller ends up taking 17% to 22% less than what they ask for their house. This is due to all the cost mentioned above and many times the cost goes higher if your house stays on the market for an extended period of time.

What your realtor doesn’t tell you when they list your house

“How to Sell Your House for Top Dollar FAST”

First of all, there are some really good listing agents out there that are honest and work hard for their commissions but there are many more listing agents that will tell you anything to get your house listed with them. Most agents realize a seller has a higher opinion of their house than the market does. The agents know that after a few months on the market, you will swallow a reality pill and you will be willing to drop the price on your house to where they know it will sell. Even at this new price the agent knows that an offer will seldom be the new asking price and you will be required to take another hit on the price if you want to sell it. On average, a buyer offers 4% less than the asking price.

Now keep in mind you will still need to pay the Real Estate commissions. Usually, this is 6% of your selling price. So now you’ve taken two hits on the price of your house and you are out another 6% of the sales price.

Now you will probably find out the buyer wants you to pay closing cost. They may ask that you pay it all or they may suggest you pay half. Closing cost will range from 3% to 6% of the sales price. The average that people ask for is probably around 4%.

If you read your contact closely you are going to notice an inspection is going to take place. If the inspector finds anything wrong with your house you will be asked to either fix that problem or adjust the price of your house again so that the new buyer feels their getting an allowance for the problem. Sometimes they will ask for cash at closing from you so that they can go ahead and take care of the problem after the closing.

So who wants to sell their house themselves?
​​ Do you think FSBO
(For Sale By Owner) is the Way to Go?

There is a Better Way to Sell Your House and Avoid All of This Hassle!

You see, We Buy Houses, as is, for a fair price, on the date of your choice. You don’t need to fix up your house. Heck, you don’t even need to clean it up. We’ll buy if just like it is. Chances are we are going to update and make a lot of changes to the house anyway. We normally go through a house and replace or revamp any old components. We have certain colors we use that we know sells houses and we would rather do all of this ourselves so that the work is done just the way we want it. 

Some things you may want to think about before you open your house to the public 

    First of all, you need to consider how much you know about marketing a house. Did you know for instance that very few homes are sold by placing an ad in the local newspaper? Besides a newspaper ad cost more than you think.

    You could do a direct mailing to your neighborhood and see if your neighbors know anyone looking to move into the area but do you know what all is involved in this?

    So maybe you just put out some signs. This could work if you are on a busy road.

    Of course, regardless of how you choose to market the house you’ll want to make sure you answer your phone all the time so you don’t miss anyone calling. Be prepared to have the potential buyer ask all kinds of questions only to find out you don’t have enough bed rooms or baths or you’re not in the right school district, etc. And do you know who the person on the other end of the line is? Did you know that thieves often go look at “For Sale by Owners” houses to stake them out and find out what you have? Is it possible that the person you are letting into your house is a very bad person and means you harm?

    Can a potential buyer get a loan if they decide they want your house? How do you know they can?

    If all goes well do you have a purchase and sales contract that is legal in your State and will it hold up in a court of law if you and the buyer end up there.

    Do you know how to take care of a title problem should one show up on the title report that you will have to order.

    Oh, and the same cost considerations exist as with listing with a realtor with the exception of the Realtors commission. Actually you may end up dealing with a Buyer’s Agent. Many times a Realtor will call “For Sale by Owners” to ask if they can show their house. If their client buys your house you will owe them a commission. Usually they want at least 3% of the sales price.

    You’ll need to know how to order title. You may be required to provide a survey by the buyer’s lender. The lender may require their own inspection. The buyer may request a home warranty. Most of the time you’ll need to provide a termite bond.

    Did you know that the overwhelming majority or For Sales By Owners end up listing with a Real Estate Agency due to failure to sell the house. Most of the time the seller just adds to the holding time by trying to sell the house themselves.
 What Should You Expect if You Call Us

  • If you call us we will collect information about your house and situation.
  • We’ll find out what you need from your house, and, if we think we can help you we will come out and take a look.
  • After determining what the market value of your house is, we will estimate what it will cost us to repair and update your house to make it sell quickly.
  • We will show you how much you would normally pay in closing and holding cost.
  • We’ll subtract those cost from the market value of the house and that is what you could expect to get from the sale of your house if you allow us to buy it from you.

We can typically close within a week of agreeing on a price if there are no title issues to address. We don’t need to go to a bank to get a loan. We self-fund all our own deals.
We handle all the details of the purchase. We order all of the necessary inspections, reports, etc. You just sit back and relax. We schedule the closing and all you have to do is show up and sign some papers and collect your check from the sale.

You may not want to move right away. Your situation may be that you need to know you can sell your house quickly; days, weeks or even months down the road. That’s OK with us. We can arrive at a price satisfactory to you and you can go on with your life knowing what you will get for your house once you are able to close and move out.

Your Next Step

If this sounds good to you, call us at (205) 991-6276 or toll free (800) 824-1874. This is a FREE 24 hr. recorded message which will tell you even more about how we can help you, but you can press 6 at any time during the recording to speak with us. We will collect your information from you and get right to work to see if we can help make your life easy.

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You can edit text on your website by double clicking on a text box on your website. Alternatively, when you select a text box a settings menu will appear. Selecting 'Edit Text' from this menu will also allow you to edit the text within this text box. Remember to keep your wording friendly, approachable and easy to understand as if you were talking to your customer

You have nothing to loose by calling us!

You will be under no obligation whatsoever to work with us. You simply have nothing to lose by calling and letting us see about helping you. You have everything to gain if you do call; especially peace of mind.

 The 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions about How We Can Buy Your House Fast for Top Dollar 

Sell Your House Check List

There are several ways to get hold of us:

1. As already mentioned call (205) 991-6276 or toll free (800) 824-1874

2. There is a very short form on several of the pages here on this web site that you can fill out. Click the “Submit” button and that information will be sent to us. We will be back in touch with you as soon as possible.

3. You can email us at 205Action@gmail.com

4. You can fax us your information to (205) 536-6814.

5. You can mail us your information to Action Property Solutions LLC, 130 Inverness Plaza #131, Birmingham, Alabama 35242.

  1. Secure Purchase and Sales Agreement (make sure you get one that is not in the buyers favor. It should be a mutually beneficial contract. A standard Real Estate Agents Contract is very favorable to the buyer).
  2. Insure the Agreement is valid and legal in your State (be very careful here).
  3. Fill out and have all parties buying and selling sign the agreement (all persons listed on your deed need to sign).
  4. Collect earnest money deposit from buyer (a buyer has all kinds of ways to get out of a Real Estate Agents Contract. Make sure that’s not the case for your contract).
  5. Make sure the buyer is working with a lender (many times a potential buyer couldn’t get a loan if their life depended on it. Somehow you need to monitor this process. It’s vital to the success of your sale).
  6. Order a title policy from a title company (there is a big difference in Title Companies. You need to get a good company with a well know underwriter).
  7. Order an appraisal of the property for the lender (The lender may choose the appraiser. Be careful here. The buyer and the lender can use the appraisal to get you to come down on your price).
  8. Order an inspection if the lender or buyer requires one (this is where a lot of contracts go bad. You need to stay very involved in this process).
  9. Order a survey if the lender or buyer requires one (sometimes an old survey is enough).
  10. Order a termite bond (an Inspection Bond may be enough here but sometimes the lender requires a Repair Bond. These are offered by different companies and you need to know what is required and what you are ordering).
  11. Order septic tank inspection if needed (usually the buyer will want it cleaned out also).
  12. Make all necessary repairs that result from the inspection (hopefully you won’t get taken to the cleaners here. There is a way to limit this pain in the contract but that’s another report in itself).
  13. Find a closing Attorney and schedule closing once the lender approves everything for the buyer.
  14. Attend closing and sign all documents deeding property to new owner.
  15. Make sure the Attorney got everything recorded at the Court House and out of your name. Make sure all liens shown against you are taken care of.
  16. Celebrate – You did it (there is a lot that can go wrong so if you pull this off without any experience in real estate, you deserve to do something special for yourself).
1. Question - How much closing cost am I responsible for?Answer - Usually nothing if we buy your house.

2. Question - How long before you can close on my house?
Answer - In the time it takes to check title. This is usually not longer than 2 to 5

3. Question - How long do I have to get out of the house once you buy it?
Answer - We prefer that you are already out when we buy it but we will work
with you if this is not practical.

4. Question - What do I need to do once we agree on a price?
Answer - Simply sign a Purchase and Sales Agreement which we will provide and
then sit back and relax. We will take care of everything. We will call you and let
you know when and where to show up for the closing.

5. Question - What if the house needs repairs or updating?
Answer - We will buy your house “as is”.

6. Question - What if I want to sell my house but I really don’t want to sell it for several months?
Answer - That’s OK. We will still sign a contract together and simply plan the
closing several months from now once you are ready to move.

7. Question - What if I have liens and judgments on the house?
Answer - We do a lot of work with lien holders to negotiate settlements. We may
be able to help here where no one else can.

8. Question - What if I’m behind on my payments?
Answer - That doesn’t matter to us. We can still buy your house. We know how to
handle everything involved with being behind on payments.