We Buy Birmingham Houses
 "As Is "
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Call Us!  205-991-6276

You will be under no obligation whatsoever to work with us. You simply have nothing to lose by calling and letting us see about helping you. You have everything to gain if you do call; especially peace of mind.
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There are several ways to get hold of us:

1. As already mentioned call (205) 991-6276 or toll
     free (800) 824-1874.

2. You can fill out the form just to your right.
3. You can email us at 205Action@gmail.com

4. You can fax us your information at (205) 991-

5. You can mail us your information at Action
     Property Solutions, 130 Inverness Plaza #131,
     Birmingham, Alabama 35242.

You have nothing to loose by calling us!

The 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions about
How We Can Buy Your House Fast for Top Dollar

5. Question - What if the house needs repairs or updating? Answer - We will buy your house as is.

6. Question - What if I want to sell my house but I really don’t want to sell it for several months?
Answer - That’s OK. We will still sign a contract together and simply plan the closing several months from now once you are ready to move.

7. Question - What if I have liens and judgments on the house? Answer - We do a lot of work with lien holders to negotiate settlements. We may be able to help here where no one else can.
8. Question - What if I’m behind on my payments? Answer - That doesn’t matter to us. We can still buy your house. We know how to handle everything involved in being behind on payments.

9. Question - What if I have gotten a notice of default from a Foreclosure Attorney? Answer - We can still buy your house. It’s a matter of knowing what to do and how to do it and we know how.

10. Question - What if I’m currently in Bankruptcy? Answer - We can still buy your house. We know how to deal with the Bankruptcy Courts to release your property and get it purchased.
1. Question - How much closing cost am I responsible for? Answer - Usually nothing if we buy your house.

2. Question - How long before you can close on my house? Answer - In the time it takes to check title. This is usually not longer than 2 days.

3. Question - How long do I have to get out of the house once you buy it? Answer - We prefer that you are already out when we buy it but we will work with you if this is not practical.